Evo Swiss 4000

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Transporting shopping or luggage with the Evo Swiss 4000 senior mobility scooter.

For the helmet, which you should always wear when driving the 20 km/h fast Evo Swiss 4000, there is a spacious and lockable storage compartment under the fold-up seat. It is so generously dimensioned that there is also room for shopping or small luggage. A top case is also fitted behind the seat as standard. The topcase is also lockable and offers space for a picnic basket or large shopping bags. With the generous luggage compartments, you won't be tempted to hang a bag on the handlebars, for example, or simply place it in the footwell. That would be far too dangerous at a possible speed of 25 kilometers per hour!

Safety on the Evo Swiss 4000, the electric quad for older people

Safety features such as the disc brakes and the lighting system with hazard warning lights and brake lights have already been mentioned in the technical equipment. However, safety also includes ensuring that your vehicle does not get away when you park it somewhere. For this reason, we have equipped the ECONELO J4000 with a steering wheel lock. It serves as an immobilizer and is an effective protection against theft.

The reverse gear of your senior vehicle on four wheels is equipped with a warning tone. This warns passers-by in your vicinity when you are reversing out of a parking space, for example.

To control the driving speed, the Evo Swiss 4000 senior mobility scooter is equipped with a speedometer. The speedometer also displays the battery charge level and a mileage indicator. This always gives you the security of getting home again without any problems.

Proven technology in the power supply of the Evo Swiss 4000

We will equip your four-wheeled senior mobility vehicle with powerful lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries have also been installed in passenger cars for many years and have impressively proven their reliability. However, if you wish, we can also convert your e-vehicle to a lithium battery.

The charging technology for the Evo Swiss 4000 is permanently installed in the vehicle. You can charge your electric quad with it at any 220 volt household socket. The lead battery with 60 volts and 20 amp-hours is fully charged in six to eight hours. However, this only applies if it has been driven completely empty beforehand, which rarely happens. Depending on driving style and route, you can drive about 55 to 65 kilometers on a full battery charge. So within a radius of 25 to 30 kilometers around your home, you are completely mobile with the ECONELO J4000. If you ever want to drive further, that's no problem either. Stop at a friend's house or a café and ask for a power outlet to recharge your e-quad. A full charge only costs about 50 cents. So an hour of recharging is barely measurable on the electric meter for your friends or the host at the café.

Useful little things for driving fun and convenience with the Evo Swiss 4000

The senior quad ECONELO J4000 is equipped with a USB port that can be switched off. Even older people today have a cell phone or smartphone that they can recharge at this port. A small music player can also be operated on it, so you don't have to do without the music of your favorite musician while riding. Under the handlebars there is a convenient cup holder and a small compartment for wallet, cell phone or keychain.

The great driving fun, the inexpensive and environmentally friendly way of getting around and practical details are also convincing more and more young people of our four-wheeled e-mobile. For journeys to school, to the apprenticeship or in the evening to the sport or in the club our electric Quad is also for young people starting from 15 years a stylish alternative to rattling Mofas.

Engine power
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Battery capacity 20 amps
Battery voltage 60 volts
Range 55-65 km
Charging time
Available colors Request
Driving license required No

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